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Dinosaurs & Bears Training Treats

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Are you looking for the perfect training treat to keep your pooch motivated and ready to work? Look no further- our Dinosaurs and Bear Bites have the goods to keep your pooch focused.
These high value, delicious smelling for dogs treats are too good to resist.
Key Features
  • High value training treats
  • Sardine flavour
  • Home made
  • Preservative free
  • Super delicious treat crunchy treat for all occasions
Our treats are baked and dehydrated to give you longer lasting treats to enjoy.
Our cookies have an approximate shelf life of 6+ months. Please store treats in a cool dry place.
Ingredients : Sardines, Beetroot, Flour, Cheese, Egg, Turmeric, Water
* Treats should always be given under supervision.
* Treat size & colours may vary slightly.
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